Automated assembly line and the basic requirements of a balanced work steps KJ Method

The basic requirements for automated assembly line balancing problems which need to be addressed:

1. Press the step sequence, reasonably allocated to each job to job;

2. Each workplace containing working time as close as possible to the beat, and automated assembly line work to established minimum;

3. The work to free time to be small, and the load evenly between the workplace; automated assembly line to ensure minimum loss of time;

Main CRITERIA 4. Automated assembly line automated assembly line balance of smoothness index. Automated assembly line time loss can be calculated:

Of course, the degree of balance as an evaluation of automated assembly line, sI values and automated assembly line time loss as small as possible.

Before distribution operation, the first terms of per capita output in the key processes operating personnel, if overloaded, operators can increase necessary in order to improve the rate of equilibrium processes. The key step in the increase of the operator, may be derived from other processes are simplified merger or subtract operator, so that the entire production line staff do not need to increase, but will assign extra staff to the need for more local personnel, so as to achieve integration production line balance, to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.