Automated assembly line control system Classification and Technical Analysis

Automated assembly line continuous control system:

System parameters are continuous, that is, the signal transmission system and the controlled object is a continuous reaction or analog uninterrupted. The aforementioned temperature control, motor speed control system are all continuous control system. Press relations system output and input between such systems can be divided into:

Automated assembly line control system linear system consists of linear components, can be used in all aspects of linear differential equations to describe, to meet the principle of superposition, that several disturbances or control action simultaneously on the system, which is equal to the total effect of the individual effects caused by the effect of and.

Automated assembly line system of nonlinear control systems with nonlinear properties in some areas, such as saturation, dead zone and friction. Such systems tend to be used to describe the non-linear differential equations, does not satisfy the principle of superposition.

Automated assembly line intermittent control system

Intermittent control system, also known as distributed control system, the system of internal signal is intermittent amount, which can be divided into:

(1) sampling control system which is characterized by the continuous analog quantity is controlled by the sampling means sampling with some frequency, is converted into a digital device into the computer or CNC, after data processing or operation, the output control commands via digital to analog converted into analog to control the object to be controlled. The sampling frequency is often much higher than the change in frequency of the object.