Automated assembly line equipment lubrication and maintenance

Automated assembly line equipment lubrication equipment maintenance is an important part of the work. Correct, reasonable and timely lubrication automated assembly line equipment, to reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, reduce wear of moving parts automated assembly line equipment, extend the life of automated assembly line equipment, give full play to the effectiveness of the use of automated assembly line equipment.

When automated assembly line machinery and equipment in friction relative movement due to friction of the friction surface has constantly shedding particles cause surface properties, geometry changes, a phenomenon known as wear and tear. Wear process can be divided into initial wear, steady wear and severe wear three stages. Due to manufacturing and installation errors, mechanical wear faster at the beginning of the operation, in the early stages of the automated assembly line machinery and equipment worn by operating the self-adjusting, also known as the run-in wear stage, adjusted wear rate slows, gradually approaching the stable wear stage. Stable wear stage wear rate slow and constant, the length is usually automated assembly line machinery and equipment life refers to the length of the stable wear stage of life.

Automated assembly line lubrication is relative motion between the two friction surfaces of a lubricant is added to form a two friction surfaces so that the lubricant film separated by direct contact, in order to control friction, reduce wear and reduce friction surface temperature, preventing friction surface rust and power transmitted through the lubricant and for sealing, damping effect.