Electric production line work

For electrical production process from the beginning to speak a little bit complicated, began to have circuit boards, circuit board production line to go through SMT patch, and then plug the pipeline had to go through a wave soldering circuit boards, and then assembled into finished assembly line appliances. The above forms of these production lines of its water beats, beat sub-form free and compulsory beat two forms. The following is inserted in the printed circuit board welding assembly line as an example to elaborate.

1) free-form production line beat

Free-form sub-beats manual and semi-automated operation of two types. When manual operation, assembly workers required to plug, cut off the excess wire, and then pass on the production line. When semi-automatic operation, the production line is equipped with a plug with a shovel head function units, each with a unique assembly workers. After insertion of work piece circuit board component is completed, the conveyor belt to the wave soldering machine. This pipelined schedule more flexible, but low productivity.