Electrical assembly line flow meter explain

Electrical assembly line is to divide a machine installed even, commissioning work into a number of simple, every electrical assembly workers to complete the assigned work. When division is to be noted that the time per operation should be equal, this period is called the water beat.

Electrical assembly on the assembly line moving way to have a good variety. Some of the assembled base on a small car, along the track propelled by assembly workers, the time limit in this way is not very strict. Some use of electrical transmission and conveyors, electrical assembly workers to be removed from the conveyor belt, as required to complete the installation even after on the conveyor belt, the next operation. Since the conveyor belt is a continuous operation, the time limit in this way is very strict.

Conveyor movement, there are two ways, one is intermittent (ie, regular exercise), the other is a continuous and uniform motion. Each assembly operation of the workers must be in strict accordance with the prescribed time film festival conducted. Operation and divide station (step) to complete a whole needed to be determined according to the complexity of the equipment, production or shift production.