Electronic assembly line practices

Before electronic assembly line operation, first to confirm electronic assembly line equipment, personnel, conveyed articles are in safe intact state; Second, check all moving parts normally no foreign matter, check all electrical wiring is normal, normal to the assembly line inputs run. Finally, to check the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage does not exceed ± 5%.

When assembly line run into, you must do the following for electronic assembly line:

1. Turn off the main power switch, check whether the electronic assembly line into the normal power supply and the power indicator light. The next step is normal.

2. Turn off the power switch on each loop, check whether it is normal. Under normal conditions it is: Power indicator device does not operate assembly lines running light is not on, the inverter and other equipment, light, drive a display panel shows normal (no fault code display).

3. In accordance with the process to start up all the electrical equipment, electrical equipment on after a normal start (motor or other device is up to speed, the normal state) and then the next start of electrical equipment.