Liquid Sachet Packaging Production Line

Product Description

1. Automatic Granule Packing Machine & Automatic boxing Machine Linked Production Line

Performance and features:

The linkage line with automatic feeding, filling, bag making, cutting easy tear mouth, , batch number, take bag, transportation, code bag, bag out deficiency, carton forming, open the box, bag, online weighing, filling quantity deviation rejecting, batch number printing, sealing, etc.And it can be finished with hot melt adhesive system hot melt adhesive sealing, etc.

This lineage can run the whole line linkage and independent individual machines features include transport agencies also can run independently.Ensures that when a device maintenance does not affect the whole line of production, cartoning machine maintenance, the grain bag in front of the box packing machine discharging mouth, does not affect the artificial box.

90%, linkage line of control software and hardware of imported components, control more convenient, efficient and durable.Detailed configuration see attachment 2.
1.5, production lines, stable production capacity of more than 60 ~ 90 boxes per minute.(depending on the carton size)

this machine is designed for the larger packaging carton width over 85 mm size design.Using horizontal type, chain type one-way Transmission, stable running, high speed, the adjusting range is big, the product is suitable for use in medicine plate, small flexible packaging bags and other products packaging.
Can complete the manual folding, automatic carton forming, open, boxed section, batch number printing, sealing, etc.And it can be finished with hot melt adhesive system of hot melt adhesive sealing.
The aircraft used PLC control.Each part of the servo motor driver, photoelectric monitoring action, in the operation of the abnormal, can display the reason, automatic stop for timely troubleshooting.
And frame inside the main servo drive motor and clutch brake, and is equipped with various parts of the transmission system on the machine board torque overload protector, can in the case of overload, realize the main drive motor and the transmission part of the release, to ensure the safety of the whole machine.
This machine is equipped with intelligent detection device.No material not bottom carton, convenient and former equipment moving and work.Found in the process of waste (lack of bag) are eliminated at the exit, to ensure the quality of the products can reach the requirement.