Automated Assembly Line Design Elements

Automated assembly line design is the key to the construction of the pipeline, the pipeline organization design is reasonable pipeline prerequisite for success. Pipeline design involves multiple calculated data in the calculation to be accurate, but is an association between these data. If you are unsure which ties it when pipeline operations will rhythm disorder, can not be reconciled. So be sure to scientifically and rationally calculate various indicators of pipeline design, and reasonable arrangement of lines.

Automated assembly line design includes steps to design the content and design:

First, the automated assembly line design content

1. Automated assembly line to determine tact;

2. Over the same period of organizational processes and workplace (equipment) requirements;

3. Automated assembly line worker to determine the requirements and reasonable with the number;

4. Choose a reasonable means of transport;

5. Assembly line production layout;

6. Standard plans to develop the pipeline indicates that the figure;

7. Automated assembly line for the economic effects of tissue were evaluated.