Automatic Bottle Machine for Liquid Filling and Capping

Automatic Bottle Machine for Liquid Filling and Capping Product Description

Automatic Bottle Machine for Liquid Filling and Capping.jpg

1. Easy to adjust & dismantle, with high filling precision.

2. Made based on CE standards, safety in operation & stable in performance.

3. This automatic bottle machine, one of our best-selling liquid machines, with piston-type filling driven by servo motor, is widely used as shampoo filing machine, liquid filling machine, liquid detergent filling machine, handsoap filling machine ect; can be connected with capping & labeling easily to meet auto production.
4. With humanized & unique design, it has great advantage of easier operationt, synchronous filling & perfect filling with no leakage, dripping & foaming.
5. With piston-type filling, it's suitable for filling paste, liquids or viscous liquid foamy products, like shampoo, hadsoap, washing liquid, lotion, cleaner.
6. With PLC control & touch screen system; No filling without bottles; Auto counting, with high degree of automation.
7. Machine design & made based on filling dosage, bottles & filling quantity. Can make relative filling line, like capping, labeling, packaging ect.
8. Capacity can be made based on needs from 500-5000bottles/hour; and filling dosage can be from 10-100ml & 100ml-1000ml & 500-5000ml; can be easily linked to auto filling line, like capping, labeling ect.