Automatic Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic Oil Bottle Filling Machine Basic Info

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This automatic piston type filling machine fits to filling oils, juice, water, honey, shampoo, detergent, vinegar, soy, hand washing, etc

Using microcomputer PLC programmable control system of MITSUBISHI, air course system using AIRTAC Taiwan production, SUS304 material for filling valve Material of the filling valve can also be customized according to customer requirements, to ensure quality of the filling machine.

Piston type and air pressure type drive, photoelectric sensor, pneumatic actuator filling in one of the high-tech equipment.

Can fit a variety of bottles type (special-shaped bottles or cups) to filling, not need to replace the bottle type of change parts, automatic filling, easy to operate, stable performance, safe and reliable.

Through mechanical and aerodynamic fine-tuning, so that accurate measurement. Specially designed mouth of filling, so that the production process does not drip.

This machine can operate gap, but also continuous operation, coordinate capping machine and labeling machine, the completion of the general small-scale production of the entire process of packaging.
Sports-style top to bottom filling, the effective prevention of bubble generation, the production process to ensure that non-drip phenomenon, filling measurement accuracy, no bubbles.