Balance Beam Plate Type Asynchronous Flexible Assembly Line

High-speed mobile pallet, balance beam module may be a single or multi-block, single-channel or multi-channel and unload in the buffer zone, the balance beam pallet positioned at short sales at each step, a step long time in the buffer zone . Flexible far higher than the synchronous transfer device, high productivity, high positioning accuracy, the number of steps is not limited, easy to adjust the number of steps, the use of transmission control system can adapt to different product families of assembly; easily combine manual and automatic process, easily the progressive realization of automation, when there are storage areas, a station failure will not affect the whole system work continuously. Such automated mass production assembly line space. There are stereotypes of the conveying member. First start investing large equipment, large floor space.

Applications: Flexible demanding; demanding productivity, a system complete assembly, assembly precision and performance family of products requiring high; product structural changes moderately; number of steps, each step time is not close