Eight Factors Affecting Pipeline Arrangement

Influence Factors 1. Product pipeline arrangement

Product structure and assembly process design is the primary consideration in the design of the pipeline focus. The product structure analysis, research, advice to improve the product structure, can greatly simplify the assembly process.

Factors that affect the pipeline arrangement 2. Equipment

Select the device assembly process is determined in accordance with the technical requirements and product assembly process methods. Correct choice of process equipment and tooling, not only can improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, but also to rationalize the pipeline arrangement. When selecting process equipment issues to consider include: production program; product quality requirements; Advanced equipment; reliability of the equipment; the cost of equipment; equipment utilization; security equipment; equipment maintenance convenience.

Factors that affect the pipeline arrangement 3. Personnel

Who is one of the factors of production are also living factors, and mobility, through the training required to adapt the requirements of the post work. To consider when lines are arranged with good safe working conditions, to create a better working environment, help to improve the labor enthusiasm.