Lines In Use When The Attention To What

Line usage is very high now, fence ensure the belt is always working properly, then we should pay attention to what at the time of installation and idler rollers it? Together we look at today.

You must meet the following requirements:

A, then the rack fixed to the foundation or slab. After the fixed belt conveyors can be fitted to the loading and unloading devices.

Second, Hangings Hangings conveyor belt conveyor, the first conveyor belt strips laid on the roller load segment, followed by Wai hold the drive roller, and then deposited on a heavy-duty roller segment. Hangings strips can be used 0.5-1.5t a hand winch. When the tension strip to connect, tension device should be moved to drum extreme position of the car and spiral tensioning device would like to pull the transmission shift direction; and means to make the tight vertical picking roller to move the top .