New Technology 5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine

Basic Info
  • Automatic Grade: Fully Automatic

  • Filling Valve Head: Multi-Head

  • Dosing Device: Surface Type

  • Packaging Container Lifting Structure: Chute Lifting

  • Packaging: Bottle

  • Automatic: Automatic

  • Specification: Washing-Filling-Screw Capping Monobloc Machin

  • Type: Weighing-type Filling Machine

  • Material Type: Liquid

  • Feed Cylinder Structure: Single-Room Feeding

  • Filling Principle: Negative Pressure

  • Structure: Rotary

  • Packaging Material: Plastic

  • Trademark: MODERN PACK

  • Origin: China

Product Description

5 Gallon Barrelled Filling Machine (QGF-600)

1. QGF-600 Barreled filling machine is composed of washier, filler and sealer machine into one unit, especially for the production line of drinking water of 3 and 5 gallons.
2. It is an ideal equipment to produce mineral water, distilled water, pure water production. The completed machine is full automatic.
3. Main technical parameters

Model: QGF-600
Washing heads: 9
Filling heads: 4
Capping heads: 1
Filling capacity: 5gallons
Production capacity: 600b/h
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz;
We have finished production line

No Model Filling Valve Theory Capacity Bottle Type
0 QGF-1800 16 1800BPH 5 GALLON
1 QGF-1200 8 1200BPH φ 276 *490
2 QGF-900 6 900BPH φ 276 *490
3 QGF-600 4 600BPH 5 Gallon
4 QGF-450 3 450BPH 5 Gallon
5 QGF-300 2 300BPH 5 Gallon

(1)The machine combines auto washing bottle, filling water, placing cap, pressing cap and products outputting as one unit
(2)The PLC(Programmable Logical Controller) controlling systems, which with Panasonic brand and the Air TAC brand pneumatic elements making the machine working more functionally
(3)The international famous brand electric appliances such as LG, OMRON, making the machine working more safely
(4)The main body of the machine made of stainless steel which is sanitary galss and healthy, with impact construction
(5)The rotary spraying washing system can wash bottles more perectly
(6)Inchmeal filling syetem, adjustable filling time, no water spatter when flushing the bottle
The cleaned bottles would be turned over with the running of chain, then falls into the a bottle carrying chair, another chair pushing cylinder pushes the chair go ahead with the cleaned bottle to under the filling heads the filling time and the filling vulume can be adjusted by on the operation panel
Fixing and pressing cap:
After the filling steps, the fullfilled bottles will be pushed by the following bottles to the cap trough, all the caps would be supplied by the cap ordering monitor after being laid the caps, the following bottles pushing these tow bottles to the cap pressing cylinder the cap will be pressed firmly by the cylinder Afther all of these step the products will go to the conveyor then to the packing parts
Production line:
The full production line include cap remover, outer and inner automatic bottle washer, upload system, Washing, filling and capping machine, lamp checking, heat shrinking machine, bottle lift machine
Inner and outer washing:
1. This machine is two rows 4 washing sections
2.1st is washing internal bottles with alkali water
3.2ND is washing internal bottles with recycled clear water
4.3rd is washing internal bottles with hot detergent water
5.4th is washing internal bottles with pure water