Part Of The Problem Model Line Equipment Instructions

Model refers to a device or tool size, features, specifications and the like. In standard parts processing industry, product type is very important. But for non-standard processing equipment industry, the model is basically negligible. Due to the recent frequent visitor information consult certain types of equipment today on the issue of non-standard model line equipment to do a simple explanation.

First, we need to understand the difference between non-standard industry standard parts industry, and non-standard processing industry products is based on the specific requirements of customers customized, with a product design and manufacturing may vary, but standard products are requested with a product size, specifications , the same style. It is this difference, so that the industry can not be mass-produced non-standard, and standard industry-wide production approach.

In a clear difference between the two, we will further models of non-standard equipment will be described. Because non-standard products are based on technical information provided by the customer to customize, different manufacturers, different engineers to design thinking devices are present vary, so use division standard only models to divide the non-standard products is not applicable . But sometimes in order to facilitate the search for a certain product as a case, we will use some form of coding as the product model. This coding does not have the breadth, but a classified method to produce their own enterprise products.