Seven Component Coating Line

1, pre-treatment equipment

Multi-position spray pre-treatment unit is commonly used in surface treatment equipment, the principle is the use of mechanical flushing speed up chemical reactions to complete degreasing, phosphating, washing and other processes. Typical process steel spray pre-treatment is: Pre-degreasing, degreasing, washing, washing, table transfer, phosphate, washed, washed with pure water. Pre-treatment can also be used shot blasting machine, a simple structure is used, severe corrosion, no oil or less oil steel parts. And no water pollution.

2, dusting system

Powder coating small cyclone + filter recovery is less to improve their predecessors, color change faster powder recovery. Hub sector dusting system suggested the use of imported products, powder room, electric motor lifts and other mechanical parts are all domestic.

3, painting equipment

Paint spraying Yabo company produced, using a Youlin spray booth, water curtain spray booth, widely used in bike, car leaf spring, large loaders surface coating.

4, oven

Ovens is one of the important equipment coating production lines, its temperature uniformity is an important indicator to ensure the quality of the coating. Heating oven are: radiation, radiation + hot air and hot air reincarnation reincarnation, etc., according to the production program can be divided into single rooms, and the like by type, equipment type and form of longitudinal bridge. Yabo company produced the cycle of hot air oven, good insulation, the average temperature in the furnace, heat loss, have been tested, the furnace temperature is less than ± 3oC, to improve the performance indicators predecessors countries of similar products.