The Concept Of Assembly Line Speed Chain And Assembly Line Speed Chain Works

Assembly line speed chain using continuous or intermittent motion to transport all kinds of different severity items. Widely used in electrical, mechanical and electrical, machinery and other sectors of the object assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation.

The concept of assembly line speed chain: speed chain assembly line production of industrial automation equipment in a more common delivery device. Speed chain line selection method, the operational efficiency of the entire apparatus play a crucial role. Speed chain assembly line for a variety of automated assembly line delivery device, features: low noise, flexible, good stability, is civilized production of environmentally friendly products. The production line is equipped with the right cylinder block, you can achieve a multiplier effect. Cylinder block can be used SMC gold CPCTPC other brands.

Speed chain assembly line applications: widely used in assembly line speed chain and transportation machinery, electronics and other products. Items placed on the tray speed chain, goods are transported on pallets or by supporting tools on the tray. The tray speed is an integer multiple of the chain run. Since the assembly line speed chain roller chain is a composite structure, the chain kept in operation, set up a barrier on the assembly line speed chain allows the tray to stop running. Large flat bottom surface of the article may not have a tray.